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    Episode 8 - Running Down a Stapler

    I'm in California, so is it possible for me to ever be able to call and try to get on the show? Or is it only open for East Coasters? And where does one find the phone number to call? Thanks for you help.
  2. I know this is so trivial, but I just can't get past it! Chris Gethard sounds EXACTLY like the actor Matt Czuchry, who currently plays Cary Agos on The Good Wife. He also played Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls, which is where I became familiar with him. It is eerie listening to Chris, because I picture Matt Czuchry's face speaking, and it drives me nuts. And don't think I haven't asked others' opinions on this matter. I have four daughters, ages 13-24, who are all HUGE Gilmore Girls fans. I had one of Chris's podcasts running on my phone and I took it to each of my daughters separately. I said nothing but, "Who does this sound like to you?" It took a few minutes for them to retrieve the voice from their memories, but they all were all able to do it. They yelled, "It's Logan from Gilmore Girls!" After proving to them that they were mistaken by showing them the REAL Chris Gethard, it did no good for my own trouble of enmeshing them together into the same person. Please tell me there is someone else that agrees with me and that I'm not going nuts? I adore Chris, as well as Matt Czuchry....but help me to make them separate people in my head! :lol: :lol: