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    The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    You can watch it for free with ads on vudu https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/The-Blood-of-Heroes/6560
  2. DrewTurkenkopf

    Episode 585 - Lemons Is The New Black

    I don't get the orange citrus fruit thing
  3. DrewTurkenkopf

    The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    Come on. There is even a sport now based off the sport in the movie.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugger
  4. I totally remember attending an assembly in 7th grade put on by a local high school group, to educate us about the dangers of peer pressure and low self-esteem and such as we grow-ed up. And the Turn Around part is the thing i most remember, the only thing that stuck with me. I grew up in Northern Fairfield County, CT and I guess I assumed that it was a local group and the therapist or what not who ran the local group created it himself, but i guess maybe it was part of some sort of packet or program.and performed throughout the country, unless Colton lived in the same area. But very cool to recognize it. I always think of the sashes first not the music video, cus it was the perfomance piece i saw first.
  5. DrewTurkenkopf

    The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    Quotes like this from Rutger Hauer: " Two Juggers can't fuck after the game. It doesn't work. Unless you like to rub wounds against wounds." "This is stupid. We should be fucking and drinking by now." Dog skulls old men throwing rocks to keep time
  6. If good and evil are just labels, just depending on what side, then why not just be devoid, and let things slide? exposednougat -also I am campaigning for The Blood of Heroes http://www.imdb.com/...tt0094764/Blood of Heroes to be done on How Did This Get Made so I'm gonna annoy all my comedy heroes from even before Mr. Show.
  7. DrewTurkenkopf

    The signs of a bad movie list

    Maybe you just have issues with Hip Hop and Rapping in general. Is the "full stop" mean you stop watching the movie? Because, it depends on the quality of the rap and intention. Dig deeper. My friend.
  8. DrewTurkenkopf

    Episode 303 - The Auditions

    I always love Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham. they make my days livable and I relate so much, sometimes its like they are reading my mind or life. I don't express my joy and gratitude for them, and 'i love their TV show Playing House,and have been educated greatly by it and a loner in self-created isolation and trying to stop watching too much tv, I am happy to be include it in my consumptions of media. I feel I need to create something myself, as I am inspired by them and their character's. So they help me express my feelings, by galvanizing my impetus to write and create and draw and act and improv and paint. Many thanks, Dr:u
  9. DrewTurkenkopf

    The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    DO I have to send my VHS copy for this movie to be watched? It is the one of the movie that gives me spine chills when the underdog plays, like the actual Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid, Winter olympics, 1980 USA over USSR. It is post apocalyptic, and it is about honor and has created a sport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugger
  10. DrewTurkenkopf

    The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    I second this movie. Foremost it has Rutger Hauer. and a young Vincent D'onofrio. Plus its a post apocalyptic sport. I actually love this movie because at the end it gives me the same chills I get as when I watch footage of the Miracle on Ice. Its so well done but not well done. It has a dog skulls. Blood. Gladiatorial events. Dog boy! Also in germany there is a real sport played based on the gme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugger So please, take a look at this,