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  1. I want June to bring each of her fellow Grace and Frankie castmembers on at some point. Especially Baron Vaughn. The main 4 stars would never do it, but what I would give to listen to them riff on one of these movies...


    Mark Duplass is the only cast member from The League who hasn't been on yet which upsets me because he's so funny and I want him to do it dammit

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  2. I know we already did one bonkers Nicholas Sparks movie, but this one is INSANE. I watched about half of it with my sisters, and there were already like 10 murders and betrayals in that time. I looked up the rest of the plot on Wikipedia, and there were STILL a bunch more twists to happen in the other half of the movie! So much murder, cancer, betrayal, family shit... it's the ultimate Nicholas Sparks unintentional self-parody.