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  1. kev-bot 4000

    Dream Sequence 5318008

    Installed a significant update in my mainframe and now my kilohertz are digitizing at maximum speeds. Lo and behold, a better version of the theme
  2. It's been a while! Coming back from the dead in style Oh! Last night I had a vivid dream And I swear that you were pluggin' me But I know that that will never be So I'll settle for shameless self publicity
  3. Third time's the charm! Just admit it, Scotty! (also engineers don't be fooled, the last 10 seconds is just guitar sustain that you can fade out during)
  4. Heyo, a long time has passed since I last posted but I was inspired by the new plug theme, decided maybe I'd take a crack at it Here ya go https://soundcloud.com/kb_4k/cbb-remix
  5. Putting lyrics off until later means you can just sit around recording vocals for a few hours and wind up with a bunch of plugs themes done! https://soundcloud.com/kb_4k/more-like-podcasts-and-live-shows Damn That show was a grand slam Now what's the plan for how we see you In TV or movies or what?
  6. Hey guys I'm back! I redid an old theme real quick that was never used and now it sounds way better! https://soundcloud.com/kb_4k/it-is-that-kind-of-show An opportunity for a brave engineer to take a stands "(He's got hot!) Hot, hot semen! (Oh, it's so hot!) I mean it: steamin' hot semen! I've seen his semen literally boil an egg! (Oh no!) OH YEAH!"
  7. kev-bot 4000

    UR 'TENT

    And I ain't talkin wigwam or teepee, baby Well now the floor is yours So what could use some more Of that self endorsement Well Scotty wants his plugs And I just want some love In the form of UR 'TENT
  8. kev-bot 4000

    169° (It IS That Kind of Show)

    Simple computing error; bug report: fixed
  9. kev-bot 4000

    169° (It IS That Kind of Show)

    Bump But a benign bump, one that worries you at first but the doc says it's totally cool and you get a huge wave of relief Anyways, bump
  10. Let's make this definitive proof https://soundcloud.c...b_4k/169degrees Lyrics: (He's got hot!) Hot hot semen (Oh it's so hot!) I mean it: steamin' hot semen I've seen his semen literally boil an egg (Oh no) Oh yeah! [also listen to my band The Big Announcement: "]https://open.spotify...HKhTvwCjRrJMAS]
  11. kev-bot 4000

    Watch Out, PFT!

    You guys, I swear I'm not mad, I actually even really appreciate the effort to give proper credit or whatever, but MY BRAAAAAND kevin mcclain google = booty sweat kevbot 4000 google = all my stuff Besides, that's my old human name anyway; ever since I got inspector gadget'd I go by kb_4K. Anyway, to show there's no hard feelings and that I still love you and am in love with you, here's a new plug theme Whoa I'm on my favorite show (top 5 at least) But I know There's not much left to go (until next week) But there are plugs Bouncing off the walls Ricocheting, demustaching Paul F. Tompkins The Big Announcement is The name of my band now on streaming services
  12. kev-bot 4000

    Things That U Plug

    Your phone in The bathtub drain Your butthole Your name
  13. kev-bot 4000


    I offer this plugs theme as a part of my official campaign to have the most interesting people, the time keeper, back on the show BUMPer sticker