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  1. Pretty simple for me: Lost in Translation is good, but I believe is overrated. It's not terribly deep, although I've experienced this same sort of magic work trip escapism and intimate connection. Marie Antoinette brought the historic story into a magical present that we could understand, and the soundtrack is impeccable.
  2. bbolisarte

    Episode 108 - The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)

    I am a firm "yes" on The Driver. I completely appreciate the terse dialogue and tightness of the editing. This falls into the category of crime flick to that is about being a true professional - it's competence porn, if you will. The Driver is a master at what he does, and he is proud of it. He stays cool and doesn't talk much because that is un-professional; in the world of crime, that's what gets you caught or killed. I love this kind of film, because it boils the struggle down to the perfect elements of the struggle of being alive, the struggle of conning other people into believing you and not falling for their cons. Amy is clearly not a gambler; this is the gambler's M.O. I actually don't like Heat, but I think this movie is the apotheosis of the driver movie (also seen in The Transporter series). I'm voting yes, also because I think this is an unsung masterpiece that doesn't get the credit it deserves.