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    Homework: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

    I do not like this movie. It bums me out because the source material is so good (and less racist).
  2. jamesxsw

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    Everyone seems to be saying that Boogie Nights is the more rewatchable of the two, but not for me. I watch There Will Be Blood a lot. Watching it this time, I kept thinking about an alternate universe version of There Will Be Blood. One where P.T. Anderson has been replaced by Paul W.S. Anderson, the script is rewritten by the writing staff of General Hospital, and the entire soundtrack is a repeating 10-second loop of pig noises. BUT, even though everything else is worse, somehow Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano still give the same performances. Would this hypothetical movie still be canon-worthy? I think it would. To me, those performances are so undeniably great that they would elevate any movie to canon status. What makes There Will Be Blood incredible is that those performances are the centerpiece of a film that fires on all cylinders from start to finish. Two of the great performances of all time in one of the most beautiful, rich films ever made. PS, I'm also in the camp that would have had a harder time if it were Magnolia vs. There Will Be Blood.
  3. jamesxsw

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    I voted no. Re-Animator is good, but Evil Dead is more fun, Phantasm is weirder, and Dead Alive has better gore. For me, the real bright spot of Re-Animator is Barbara Crampton, who's great.
  4. jamesxsw


    I vote yes. I don't mind that it doesn't have "edge" or that it's gentle. Animation is too often too loud, too obvious, and too plot-driven. I'm surprised that Inside Out didn't get any discussion time during the Ghibli vs. Pixar section, considering how similar the two films are. Both about adolescent girls trying to figure themselves out in a new place. Both find drama in growing up. The difference is that Inside Out makes that growth literal (the journey of Joy and Sadness and the discovery of mixed emotions), while Kiki uses flight as a metaphor. I really like both, and I think they deserve to be in the canon.
  5. jamesxsw

    Suggestion: The Night of the Hunter

    Yes. Night of the Hunter is great, and I'd love to hear an episode on it.
  6. jamesxsw

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    Yes, for me. While the Pretend Smart argument is a totally valid criticism, I don't think Seven is guilty of it. Inception is Pretend Smart with all of it's fussy dream math. Batman v. Superman is Pretend Smart cuz the characters spend all their time talking about "themes." But I don't think Seven tries to be smart. It doesn't attempt to be anything besides be a really good serial killer movie. The allusions to Paradise Lost and Marquis de Sade are more exposition than thematic. They're there drive the plot forward and fit in to John Doe's kookie 7 Deadly Sins aesthetic. Speaking of which, the 7 Deadly Sins don't really matter anyway. I mean, they matter in that they provide a nice hook and some brutal murders, but the 7 Deadly Sins could be replaced with the 10 Provinces of Canada and the movie would be the same, albeit with more hockey. That it isn't smart and the sins don't matter sound like a knocks against it, but they aren't. It's a really great serial killer/police procedural. It's super tense, the craft is topnotch, and it's probably the best serial killer movie this side of Silence of the Lambs.