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    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Okay, so I have a very different question about the gun. Morgan Freeman says that it was given to him by John Wayne, right? Was this just a crazy story he believes that illustrates he is insane, or are we to take this at face value? If we take this as fact, then I think it's safe to assume that John Wayne wouldn't just randomly give his gun to just some guy. This would have to mean that John Wayne knew what Morgan Freeman did for a living, right? That would mean John Wayne knew Morgan Freeman was hunting aliens down and killing them. If John Wayne knew about the aliens, then who else knows? Is this a world where Hollywood's elite are all aware of these occasional visits by extraterrestrial beings (and their subsequent slaughter at the hands of the US government)? Why would they all agree to keep this under wraps? What's in it for them? Does the Stephen-Kingaverse take place on a world where everything is controlled by a New World Order composed of the rich and famous? I don't mean to come off a conspiracy theorist or anything, I'm just asking question.