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  1. WhalePrintPants

    The Tomorrow War (2021)

    Let's get that Doughboys/HDTGM crossover episode... (For those who don't know, Spoonman Mitch is in the movie)
  2. WhalePrintPants

    Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

    So much "WTF" buzz about this one. The Irish Times review is the best, and if you won't want any spoilers, don't read the last paragraph as the reviewer gives it away. I've seen "this is 2020's version of Serenity" takes and yeah, this seems to be that: https://film.avclub.com/2020-gets-its-serenity-with-the-epic-wtf-of-wild-mou-1845837986 Looking forward to Jason's reaction to that little twist...
  3. WhalePrintPants

    Shocker (1989)

    omg I saw this in the theaters while very stoned when I was in college and the memory I have of it is my girlfriend exclaiming while laughing very hard "Oh my god is that John Tesh? Please make it stop." We weren't the only ones laughing at it. This is a stellar pick, CPiz.
  4. WhalePrintPants

    The Day of the Dolphin (1973)

    Okay, you got a legendary screenwriter (Buck Henry), a legendary director (Mike Nichols), a legendary star (George C. Scott) and you get this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Day_of_the_Dolphin This is one of those "scared me as a kid now notsomuch" kind of movies. Talking dolphins being trained to assassinate the President of the United States? How can June/Paul/Jason not be in for this? Plus, the hilariously serious movie poster: Are those goggles or does George C. Scott have a tank with mini-dolphins attached to his head?
  5. WhalePrintPants

    Dolittle (2020)

    Take a look at "Dolittle" on Rotten Tomatoes. So much potential.
  6. We're balls deep into Augie Doggie, my little pet name for your mom.
  7. "I'd like to solve the puzzle...'Fart McHenry' No? Shit, knew I should have bought a vowel!"
  8. It's 4:46 p.m. but it's 5 o'clock somewhere, mostly like over in the next time zone in a room with a slow clock that needs its battery replaced.
  9. No, Mr. Watts no longer works here...no, neither does Mr. Kudi...sorry, Mr. Yankovich's gone too...let me put you through to Mr. Tompkins, he might be able to offer you a tune...
  10. Beware the Ides of Auggie Doggie, Mr. Froggy
  11. No, this isn't Who Charted, ya got the wrong podcast, dicklick...
  12. I'm just snortin' coke off the big fake titties of life
  13. Don't say 'podcast celebrity' with such distain, you old prick