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    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    In the scene where Kimberly comes by Mathew/Martha's house, he is totally surprised and caught off guard. He (rightly so) asks her how did she know where he lives? To which she replies: "Somebody told me." My Question is: Who? Who told her? Rodney didn't. Who else knows where Mathew lives (and also knows that he's Martha)?
  2. GabeCallahan

    A Big Thank You To HDTGM

    I hope this is the right place for this because I really feel like I need to say something. I need to say thank you to How Did This Get Made and to Paul, June and Jason. You could describe my last few years as being tough. That might me putting it lightly, but an earwolf forum isn’t the place for a therapy session. But not too long ago my mom’s breast cancer metastasized and I moved back home to take care of her. She passed away earlier this month. Caretaking for a loved one is not easy. You are constantly busy with doctors appointments, pharmacy pickups, endless chores...just being present. There are always unforeseen problems and complications. Plus there are sleepless nights and the mental and emotional toll it all takes. My mom, Linda, was an amazing woman, and I tried to give her the best, most loving care possible. But, again, it’s not easy. I wrestled with resentment and sometimes I just wanted one day to not have to deal with her cancer. But there are no days off, not really. That’s where HDTGM comes in. Your podcast was a constant on my ipod, my phone, my computer. It made all the work and chores I had to do go by so quickly. It helped with the long nights I couldn’t sleep. You guys were with me in the hospital waiting rooms as she was getting tests done. You were with me in the ER rooms as she slept. For brief moments in my day, your podcast allowed me not think about cancer and what it was doing to my mom. I have listened to every episode, multiple times. And every new episode that was posted was like a gift. Now, I know it might not sound like much, but you guys made me laugh, you made me feel better. And because of that, I was able to be there for my mom. I was able to be upbeat, rested, and be without any resentment. Which means, I was then able to make her laugh more often. And she had such a great laugh. I was her caretaker, but you guys took care of me. So thank you HDTGM. Thank you Jason, June and Paul. Also, a thank you to all your awesome and funny guests. Thanks for providing humor and laughter when I needed it most. I just made a donation, and I urge the rest of you HDTGM fans to do the same if you haven’t yet. If listening to this podcast ever made you feel even a teensy bit better, then they have done their jobs and they deserve to be supported. Thanks again, Gabe Callahan