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  1. Dastardly Dave

    Stunt Rock (1979)

    Wow, you're not kidding - there's a used DVD copy there on Amazon right now for an eye watering $220....streaming a $2 rental certainly seems somewhat more reasonable.
  2. Dastardly Dave

    Stunt Rock (1979)

    This kind of insane film is quintessential ‘How Did This Get Made?’ fodder, please do enjoy the blurb from Wiki: “Australian stuntman Grant Page accepts a job on an American television series and travels to Los Angeles, where he reunites with his cousin, ‘Sorcery’ band member Curtis Hyde. Hyde performs with a heavy metal band called ‘Sorcery’, playing the part of The Prince of Darkness who is locked in cosmic combat with Merlin the Magician (Paul Haynes). While the band plays out the story with its signature brand of theatrical but muscular hard rock, Page's first stunt for the cameras goes awry and he is hospitalized, but defies his doctors by escaping out a fifth story window to get back to the set. Such reckless behavior attracts the attention of newspaper reporter (Margaret Gerard) who is writing an article about the career obsessed, as well as a TV star (Dutch star Monique van de Ven) who both gravitate towards the stuntman's professional fearlessness. Together they attend ‘Sorcery’ concerts, enjoy Hollywood parties with the band and explore the nature of extreme living.” Completely bonkers film, interesting back story, an unexpected cameo or two, awesome stunts, and live musical performances where wizards and sorcerers battle on stage. Enough said. If you’re unsure at all, here’s the bat shit insane theatrical release trailer on YouTube: If that has not inspired anyone that views it into checking this film out right away, then I have grossly misjudged you all, and I pray for your salvation. Oh, and this masterpiece is available for all to enjoy on Amazon Prime. Full disclosure, yes, I am Australian...this film fills me with goddamn national pride…
  3. Dastardly Dave

    Ask Paul!

    Indeed....and in 2005, '30 Odd Foot of Grunts' as a group dissolved and morphed into his new band 'The Ordinary Fear Of God'. You will notice his new band name has exactly the same acronym as his previous one....presumably so Russell could keep peddling the mountainous piles of unsold T.O.F.O.G merchandise that undoubtedly exist, and lay dormant in a warehouse somewhere.
  4. Dastardly Dave

    Ask Paul!

    Hello Paul, I'm a relatively recent disciple to the church of HDTGM, since I discovered your amazing show I've been systematically going through the archives from start to finish. I recently listened to the 'Winter's Tale' episode (#83), and I just had to let you know about your freakishly amazing perception. You suggested that Russell Crowe may in fact have 'Marlon Brando Disease', a horrible infliction that effects a once fine actor, and leads to increasingly poor movie acting choices the older they get. To quote you and Jason from the episode: Paul: "He’s got Marlon Brando disease." Jason: "Oh my god I didn’t know! Oh my god, no! Oh gosh now I feel terrible that we’re making fun of him. I didn’t know he has MBD." Paul: "Yeah, he has MBD." Jason: "He has MBD full-blown?" Paul: "Full-blownsie." Jason: "Oh no." Paul: "Yeah, it’s not looking good, he’s gonna make a lot of bad choices for the rest of his career." It would appear that Russell Crowe has in fact suffered from this debilitating condition since before his acting career even began.......I can't find this ever having been brought up before in these forums, so, my question to you is: - Did you know that in the 1980's, at about age 18, Russell Crowe released a series of songs under the stage name 'RUSS Le ROQ'? One of the singles was called: 'I Just Wanna Be Like Marlon Brando'. Don't believe me? Here's an image of the single: Although it would appear that Russ has done his best to hide it, this information is all over the internet (including of course his Wikipedia page), I could not make this up if I wanted to. Want to listen to the single anyone? Here's the link for that: (my apologies in advance) So Paul, you were more correct than you could have possibly known about Mr Crowe and his full-blown Marlon Brando Disease. It's so sad, I doubt they'll ever find a cure.......
  5. Dastardly Dave

    CBB Australia Tour 2016

    Well this is definitely as good a place as any for my first ever post on the forum......hello everybody Yes, this caught me completely by surprise - I'm an Australian that held little hope of ever seeing a live CBB show come to our shores, but by a stroke of extreme luck the day after tickets went on sale I was Googling 'Comedy Bang Bang' for something else, and the 3rd Google listing down said 'Comedy Bang Bang Australia Tour 2016'......I thought it may just be a red herring, but to my delight, I clicked on it and there were the tickets for sale, I hadn't heard a mention of it anywhere.....I've very happily secured tickets for the Melbourne show.....and to then find out after making my purchase that PFT and LL are confirmed for the tour - well, that was the icing on the cake (boss)