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  1. Hey... Gang? (does the HDTGM cast have a nickname?)

    I just wanted to chime in about your confusion about Vin Diesel being connected to the internet and why he just couldn't find out whatever he wanted. They explain this in the movie. He's connected to the big server room in Guy Pearce's villain tower, which KT later destroys, so all the information he gets is filtered through there. I actually thought it was a pretty clever. You're right though that it would be a better movie if Vin's character overcame this filter to discover he was being played or did anything other then get pointed in various directions to go murder people.

    As for the nanites, I think that they're meant to be like rechargeable batteries. The percentage readout isn't how many nanites are left in his body, but rather how much total energy the nanites have. When they put him on the table between mission they're changing out the old depleted nanites for freshly charged ones. I agree that it's not made very clear. Just as unclear, as you all pointed out, is how Vin survives when he gets blown up with no nanite power left. I think the explanation is that the tech guy basically uses the same process to revive Vin and put him back together that Guy Pearce used to revive him originally. But, the movie doesn't make this clear at all.

    I also loved the flour fight (logical inconsistencies aside), and really disliked the mostly CG end fight. All the bodies in wide shots in the last fight look doll-like in the wide shots and really took me out of enjoying it. Apparently that end fight was added after the film was screened for the studio. The original ending took place in the pool where we see KT do her water dance (which I also really liked) but wasn't big or action-packed enough. 


    Later Gators

  2. I was also going to pop in here to mention that the first time I heard any lines from this film was when I listened to the album Get Some by Snot. Only much later did a friend of mine sit me down and make me watch Deadfall. Actually, I've seen Deadfall a bunch of times now, but only up until Nicolas Cage dies, because my friend would always turn it off at that point. 

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  3. This movie is hilariously bad. But, I'm jumping into this thread to say that I once read a random paperback Remo Williams book. According to Wikipedia there are over 100 (!) Remo Williams books written by the original author and various ghostwriters. The one I read had Remo fighting against a shapeshifting robot who basically had the powers to take things apart at a molecular level and create anything given the raw ingredients. If I recall the robot is able to make perfect copies of the plates for US currency. In another scene it disassembles a flamethrower into its constituent molecules to get it through (possibly airport) security. It's cheesy as all hell and the character of Chiun is no less of a racist magic Asian caricature than in the movie, but I really dug the sci-fi elements they added.

  4. It's a classic story. All-girl punk/new-wave band Vicious Lips has one night to get to the biggest gig of their career. There's just one problem: it's on another planet and their manager has crash-landed their (stolen) spaceship.


    It's like Jem meets Alien meets a lot of cardboard sets.




    This movie has everything: music, zombies, aliens, bug zapper musical instruments, breasts (for Jason), and an it-was-all-a-dream ending (also for Jason).


    I had never heard of this movie before I saw it on my local Comet channel. It's definitely a bad movie, but it has a lot of charm, especially the aesthetic and the music. It kind of drags after the initial setup but I loved the ending.

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  5. Another bump for this movie, though I actually think it might be too good for HDTGM. It's a deliberately bad movie that turned out to be a good movie. The Chiodo brothers commitment to the concept of clowns from outer space against all reason is what makes this movie great. The movie never stop to ask the question, "does this make sense?". Instead it crams as much clown themed insanity into the movie as possible. Vicious balloon animals? Check. Zombie hand puppets? Check. Cotton candy cocoons? Check. Prehistoric shadow puppets? Check? Deadly puppet show? Check. Evil popcorn? Check? Anyway, one of my favorite movies of all time and I'd love to hear the gang give their take on it.

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  6. - They both have very distinct accents which they make absolutely ZERO effort to change despite the roles they are portraying


    In Arnold's case they just kind of ignore/don't mention his ethnicity. But, the best is Highlander where Sean Connery is supposedly Egyptian and living in Spain. He has a thick Scottish brogue and Christopher Lambert, playing a Scotsmen has an accent of indeterminate origin.

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    Does your former roommate quote it as specifically from this movie? Or because it's from Richard III? (I don't mean that to sound sarcastic; I'm genuinely curious if they know that it's from a Shakespeare play)


    It's definitely from the movie. He does a Connery accent. He's more of a scholar of bad television and movies than he is of the Bard.

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  8. I never saw this movie. My former roommate quotes Connery's, "Now is the winter of your discontent line", a lot. Though I never saw it, what I do vividly remember is one of those 'HBO First Look' episodes about the movie. The fact that London is basically a desolate ghost town is specifically mentioned and they actually put up a bit of the script that describes "Avengers World". I wish I could find that episode. The bit I'm remembering is similar to this from the script that was posted:


    This is 'Avengersland': a parallel world painted by Rene Magritte, forever England. Bright pinks, greens and reds, an imperial city in final decadent bloom. White stucco buildings. Regency style in candy colors. A surreally 90's city like a hipper, edgier version of the 60's preserved in aspic, where --


    I remember as a teenager finding it really weird that London being empty was promoted as a feature rather than a bug. It's also strange to me that this movie came out after Austin Powers and arguably does a much worse job of capturing the 60's British spy vibe.


    (Also, Hi, I'm new. Be kind.)

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