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    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    All the talk about there supposedly being no one else in London got me thinking about a 1991 issue of Miracleman by Neil Gaiman (spoilers for the issue and the Miracleman series in general). It takes place after Alan Moore’s run in which superheroes decide to take over the world and shape it into a peaceful utopia. This issue is set in a fake mini-city inhabited by all the former Cold War spies who no longer serve any purpose. Since they’re all too paranoid to function in the real world, they’re basically just brainwashed into thinking that nothing has changed and spend their days receiving missions and spying on each other. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. It’s 1998 so the Cold War is well over, and all these characters who were so used to having elaborate spy adventures are put into a fake London and made to think that they’re still useful. Villainous ex-spies like Sean Connery get to develop crazy technology and weapons without posing any real threat to the outside world, and people like Steed get to feel like they saved the day by stopping them. Maybe once in a while everyone’s memory is wiped and the whole thing starts again. We could even think of it as a sequel to the original series in this sense. Steed and Peel already knew each other and had a bunch of adventures together, but we’re witnessing the beginning of a new cycle. This would also explain why, despite clearly being set in the current day, there’s a 60s retro vibe to everything. It’s just the world that these characters are most comfortable in. This could even all be taking place on that weird island for ex-spies from The Prisoner, if we want to tie it into another classic British spy show.