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    I hated that song in 1995. I hated this movie in 1995. Neither has changed for me in 2016 on that front. I think it's because if it had been made just a few years later when the worst of the film censorship was finally, blessedly lifted, we could have gotten a much more honest adaptation of what Capote wrote. Instead this is a film for people who like that old Hollywood era but all the worst parts of it. I just loathe its childishness around topics that are for grownups. They can do as many clever short hands as they want, but the lady was a whore and no one can just come out and say it and own it. It rings so false to me. Hepburn is gorgeous but she's got no power over me. This film has no power over me.
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    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    I really hate these Sophie's Choice episodes because both of these are Canon worthy, but I'll man up and say the right answer is still Boogie Nights. Like Goodfellas, I can watch it whenever it's randomly on TV even though I own a copy. It's a fun and exciting watch in the 1970's into the bleak 1980's (maybe especially in that half of the film). I never feel the length but I'm grateful for it because every character is interesting and the fact that Alfred Molina can steal the film in a murderer's row of a cast is still so remarkable. I'll watch this one and the Godfather Part II whenever I find myself confined to the couch with an illness. I've introduced Boogie Nights to girlfriends gleefully. It just never gets old. PTA continues to make great films, but this is the one we'll think of first and truly remember him for.