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  1. AhronReinhard

    Episode 78 - The Last Jedi with Noah Segan

    Holy hell! Noah Segan was the voice of Henry on the Henry and June segment of Nickelodeon's KABLAM!
  2. AhronReinhard

    Homework: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. The Return of the King

    The Two Towers Or I guess.. Return of the King
  3. Loved this episode and also checked out the David Dastmaichian interview on Fatman on Batman from last year. Rad stories.
  4. Is Lauren Lapkus Starship?
  5. AhronReinhard

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    You are a real messed up human being but FYI it should give you some comfort knowing that Kristian Harloff is now doing the Collider Jedi Council Podcast and Ken Napzock is hosting the Force Center Podcast with Joseph Scrimshaw so don't fret lil bebe.
  6. AhronReinhard

    Future of the Show?

    I said "we" for a reason.
  7. AhronReinhard

    Future of the Show?

    We're going to go ahead and assume for the sake of the victim that all of this was true. Now that we got that out of the way... Was this an "accident?" Was it a "misunderstanding?" Was he drunk? Was he on drugs? Was it a dare? Was it "just a goof?" Was he in a "dark place"? Was he just "trying to be bold?" Did he have prior sexual history with the victim? Was Devin sexually abused as a child? Was this a misread invitation? Was this revenge? Was she leading him on? Was she "asking for it?" These are the type of horrific questions that men (usually) ask victims when reserving judgement of the accused but the fact is that none of those answers would excuse sexual fucking assault. Don't get me wrong, part of me is curious about the WHY of it all but don't mistake that for WHAT this was. I'm sure he really doesn't remember being an entitled abusive prick but at least he is owning up to the fact that a.) he probably did it because b.) he admits he was (is?) the type of person capable of that kind of behavior. Part of me is interested in Amy's reaction/follow up on the topic because there is so much to learn being a vouyer to these types of of discussions about rape culture, etc but at the same time I feel like participating in "popcorn gif" culture undermines the victim on some level. I also think that trial by twitter and online dog piling can be pretty disgusting in itself but then again, a justifyably outraged pop culture critic community is offering support and encouragement to all that feel uncomfortable coming forward when they have been the victim of vile acts of abuse or bullying and that's an incredible achievement. So what does all of that mean for the Canon podcast? Really? THAT'S what we all came here to ask?
  8. AhronReinhard


    The Monkees - Head Batman - Batman 1966 Get Smart - The Nude Bomb H.R. PuffnStuff - Puffnstuff Monty Python's Flying Circus - Monty Python's Life Of Brian The Munsters - Munter, Go Home! The Muppet Show - The Muppet Movie Peter Gunn - Gunn Saturday Night Live - The Blues Brothers
  9. AhronReinhard

    Homework: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

    In Star Trek Generations ALL of the stuff above is either insignificant to the story, is explicity explained, or implied well enough so that subconsciously I filled in the gaps. Either way, it intrigued me enough to go back and watch the OST and Next Generation as well as Deep Space 9.
  10. AhronReinhard

    Homework: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

    All of the best arguments for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan to be in the canon are actually reasons the original Star Trek series and the franchise in general should be in the canon, not the film itself. I do agree that this is a very good movie but I don't even know if it's even the best Trek gateway at this point. The Wrath of Khan was definitely a significant milestone for the franchise and appealed to a wider audience when it came out but JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot did a better job of that even though I like that film much less. It never sits well with me when a film that is part of larger mythology and series is singled out and put in the canon when much of it's impact greatly depends on familiarity with previous entries or it leads the viewer to further explore a series. When you can only put one in the canon you can't allow either of those things to occur and it's sort of silly. The Empire Strikes Back is a better Star Wars movie than Star Wars in my opinion but I had to see the original Star Wars to comprehend it and I had to see Return of the Jedi to resolve the cliffhanger ending to really appreciate why Empire was the best. Had it never concluded with the Return of the Jedi, Empire would be an odd follow up and I would probably assume that a third movie that never came out would have been the best movie ever! What I am saying is that the franchise as a whole belongs in the canon together, worts and all. You need the good, the average, and the bad in the time capsule to appreciate where it all goes and what it meant. I think Alien and Aliens was a much more fair debate because you have 2 totally separate directors, genres, and tones to pit against each other and the rest of the franchise never needed to continue after it. Aliens actually plays really well as a standalone and maybe even better that way rather than as a sequel because it allows you to go through the movie identifying more with the young and dumb Space Marines rather than PTSD Ripley. You could have made a compelling on going series out of Aliens but it was never inheriantly an epic, serialized journey. When they tried to force that the follow ups were either well intentioned failures or terribly miscalculated extentions but either way the 3rd, 4th, V, V2, and P movies definitely shouldnt be in the canon. Sorry I got distracted. Does Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan belong in canon? Yes, of course it does...along with every episode of every Star Trek television series and installment of the feature films including, YES, Star Trek: Generations; MY gateway to Star Trek. You see, the foundation of Star Trek is exploration, growth, and continued adventures. Star Trek is not a one and done. It's all or nothing baby!
  11. AhronReinhard

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    This was a very very hard one for me but I had to go with Boogie Nights. I love Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano's performances in There Will Be Blood and that movie is a true masterpiece but Boogie Nights is just stacked with incredible performances. Don Cheadle, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C Reily, Luis Guzman, Heather Graham, William H Macy, Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, Alfred Molina, Thomas Jane, and yes, Mark Wahlburg turn out arguably the best performances of their entire careers. Hell, even Nina Hartley is great! There WIll Be Blood is a prestige picture and is definitely more than an Academy pleaser. It's even a more delicately crafted film by a much more mature and educated filmmaker but there is just something majestic in his sophomore outing that rushes Boogie Nights right to the top. I'm a real lover of PTA but my rank probably doesn't look like yours 7. Magnolia 6. Hard Eight 5. Punch Drunk Love 4. The Master 3. Inherent Vice 2. There Will Be Blood 1. Boogie Nights