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    Episode 14 - Jack Mormon

    Re: Is there a "neo-mormonism": New Order Mormonism http://www.newordermormon.org and Progressive Mormons http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org http://rationalfaiths.com https://bycommonconsent.com https://www.dialoguejournal.com http://www.exponentii.org ^^ I mean seriously so many of us who have the same historical concerns but believe in the spiritual aspects -- who advocate for various social issues within the church while also holding temple recommends. It is possible if you first, let go of the all or nothing belief system Mormonism often holds onto. Joseph Smith can have written the Book of Mormon with divine interpretation AND have been lead astray with polygamy (and the worst parts of polygamy are from Brigham Young on -- also check out Year of Polygamy with Lindsay Hansen Park). Focus more on personal revelation than obedience. You will find there are many more who agree with that line of thinking than you may think. And if you have trouble, I absolutely think taking time off without expectation of returning is okay. My husband took 12 years to figure himself out and it was only after our marriage and when I was investigating that he went back -- on our own terms. We are not at all conservative Mormons. To label I would say New Order / Progressive. But we fit in. It also helps that we don't live in Utah or Idaho -- East Coast Mormons are easier on the stomach Good luck man. You have your life to figure this out and I hope your wife opens her heart to provide more support for you.