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  1. What an infuriating conversation! Right off the bat Chris states he is out of his depth and proceeds to just say 'wow, you are so brave' for an hour, while the caller laughs nervously, clearly pretending that everything is ok when she sounds like she needs to scream her lungs out for a very long time. She is in total denial - she said she was helped by the conversation, does anyone really believe that? She has told the same story to councillors, family, boyfriend, even her boss? I hate listening to things lies this where the most obvious questions aren't addressed - What does she want from all this talking? Would be the first thing I would ask. Surely the sensible thing would be to make something up about the boy's father being away until he is of an age to understand, it sounded dangerously like she was considering revealing to a five year old the full horror to him, because she believes in honesty? Or is it because she would like to turn him against her father , because that's how it sounded to me. She is looking for someone in all these conversations to give her PERMISSION to cut the link between the boy and her father. This trust she has, is it admirable? Is it wise to trust everyone? Is this what the 'monster' meant by naive? I don't know much about psychology but surely if you've been in therapy you realise that 'pacts' are formed between people - she formed one with her monster husband and she forms one here with Chris, a very bland one, the conversation could have ended 10 minutes in, we were gasping for air , Chris's desperation for it to end was painful. What was the history of the relationship ? What was his history? Paedophiles no matter how horrible they are , and they are horrible, are not monsters, they are people ลตith severe problems that cause suffering to others. The horror is that we are people too...