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  1. Juno sits alongside Avatar as one of the most garbage movies I've ever seen. A story of a girl failing to get an abortion, giving her baby to a couple on craigslist, and then singing a shitty moldy peaches song with her boyfriend; I honest-to-blog just don't understand the praise at all.
  2. DanielAnoroc

    Future of the Show?

    Well said. I've done things in my life that I'm not proud of (nothing on the level of what Devin has been accused of) and I've made an effort to be a better person. I've been a bully and have said terrible misogynistic things but then I gained insight and I like to think I'm a much better person today than I was back then, but I'm still working on it. Even so, I'm also a coward because I've never apologized for those awful things that I said and did, I think about them frequently and I feel terrible about it but I can't bring myself to apologize because talking about it makes it feel more real to me somehow, and I don't want those things to be real because I'm ashamed. So instead I just live with this guilt and try to do my best going forward. I imagine there are a lot of people out there who feel terrible for the things they've done and just want to find some sort of redemption. Do they deserve redemption? How long before we're willing to accept them as a person again? Maybe their victims are the only ones who get to make that judgement.
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    Episode 16 - Blade Runner

    I love this movie, for the editing and score that create a dreamlike tone, its world building subtleties, and its art design (my god, the art design). Listening to them criticize it helped me develop a better understanding of what I enjoy about it. Great movie
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    Maybe too obvious?
  5. DanielAnoroc

    What are the most Canon worthy films of this decade?

    Leviathan (the documentary) Dogtooth (maybe) Looking over these lists, I'm realizing there is so much I haven't seen.
  6. DanielAnoroc

    Similar film podcasts?

    F This Movie is a really good one. I really enjoyed their episodes on Star Trek: Into Darkness and Jurassic World. Mostly, I like when they watch a bad movie and break down what is wrong with it. The reason I recommend those episodes is because those movies suffer from a lot of the same problems. http://www.fthismovi...t/p/movies.html
  7. DanielAnoroc

    Andrzej Żuławski's Possession

    Easily one of my favorite movies. I have a Monday Night Mindfuck film club and this was the first movie we watched, over a dozen movies later and it's still one of the best.