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    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    I wish they gave out the pro version for old times' sake
  2. OliviaG

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    Had you already spit out of anger, or did you get through before taking such drastic action?
  3. Glad my first post on this forum isn't my last. I started listening from the first ep and this week I finally caught up to listen in real time. Sounds like they should have done another contract renegotiation with Scott Anchorman last week - the two year contract was probably all part of a nefarious plan of his to keep them at Earwolf. ~See you sweeties next week~
  4. To all listeners playing this episode from the archives after the year 2019, I want to issue a formal apology for how anti-Semitic this episode will come across. We didn't expect Mel Gibson to convert to Judaism in January 2019, and this makes it seem like our jokes have different meanings than intended.
  5. The new Ghostbusters was pretty good, but I'm waiting for the next remake starring Zach Braff and the band TLC: "Ghost Scrubs (I Don't Want None)"
  6. Very cool to be thanked by Jason Mantzoukas, one of my absolute favorites (and Scott of course)
  7. If you can't take The Heat then get out of this Sandra Bullock movie marathon because that's what we're currently playing.