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  1. HilahMae

    Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

    So this movie is available in it's entirety on youtube. Here is a link to one of the best bits - https://twitter.com/HalfPintHilah/status/746613656629055488 Sorry, I couldn't find any other way to share it.
  2. HilahMae

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    All these themes and everyone missed the single most iconic! THE TWILIGHT ZONE And it's follow up - THE SCARY DOOR
  3. HilahMae

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    Then never see the sequel. I enjoyed the original because it raised the question of does fighting violence with violence actually doing something positive or are you just adding to the problem? The sequel however was basically fan fiction for the first one. William Defoe shows back up and they all hug and act like they were always besties. None of the relationships make sense based on the ending of the first one and there are some guys who we're suppose to recognize that weren't in the first one. It's actually pretty much HDTGM quality.
  4. HilahMae

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    A magical crab?!?! This movie has a magical crab? If it doesn't sing, I don't see any point in it at all.
  5. Every week since I was in college, my friends and I would gather at someone's house to watch movies, which generally are not good ones. At one point, we started doing a thing where we would just look up what Billy Zane had been in on Netflix and would watch one of those films. Well, we started with Eric Roberts but got through most of those and moved on to Billy Zane. Somehow, we ended up on Scorpion King 3 and it has actually become our go-to when we are smashed. I'm also pretty sure that Billy Zane himself is smashed the whole film. The rest of the cast is great! Ron Perlman, Bautista, Kimbo Slice, and Kelly Hu. However, none of these are the actual "Scorpion King." But I am like 100% sure that the actor who plays the Scorpion King is Billy Zane's cousin. There are fights that take place in like ankle deep waterfalls. For some reason, a bunch of people are magical. So, I know some people mentioned "any Scorpion King" as being a good one to do previously, but personally, I have to vote highly for this one. I argue that it is also a good time to do this one as Kimbo Slice just passed so it can be in his memory. This is actually what I know him from by the way. Here is the trailer, but it does not do it justice.
  6. I mean, I personally send a video of me fingering a chicken to all my potential dates. If they can't figure out that it's a chicken and not a vagina, then I know not to date them.
  7. "Get me Henimore" is another one of my favorite bits. Also, The Inebriati is the one that introduced me to them and holds a special place in my heart.
  8. This reminds me of the Mitchell and Webb bit about the Bawdy 70's Hospital
  9. I'm also pretty sure the eye doesn't give you enough resistance/push back for the needle to actually come out. I've messed around with the trainer epi pens fairly frequently and you have to slam it down hard on your thigh to get it to work right.
  10. So someone posted this article all ready but I can't find it - http://www.latimes.com/books/jacketcopy/la-et-jc-the-true-story-first-edition-iliad-from-the-boy-next-door-20150219-story.html Apparently, the book they used for the prop is a copy that was translated by Alexander Pope. So, why not just make that the line? "Is this a translation by Alexander Pope?" makes so much more sense than the first edition line because 1 - Pope is pretty fucking famous so it would make sense that she would be aware of who he is, 2 - it makes more sense that he would be able to get it from a garage sale if the person who was selling it was unaware of who Pope was and therefore what it is worth and 3 - she and the screenwriters don't sound like total morons.
  11. I don't know about you guys, but my car won't go out of park when the brake isn't engaged. So if you are stepping on the brake pad but it isn't actually doing anything, would you even be able to actually take the car out of park?