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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    I saw this movie last night at the dollar theater. Holy hell what a hot mess. This NEEDS to be done. I won't go into great detail but a few things I noticed were: 1. The audience gets to sit through ANOTHER reenactment of Bruce Wayne's parents being killed. Every. Single. Movie. We KNOW!!!! 2. Alfred isn't old enough! He only looks to be about 10-15 years older than Bruce Wayne! Alfred should be an old man. Really, really old. 4. The action was ridiculous. There wasn't a second there wasn't an epic battle. Sometimes I need to come down from the action and rest a minute. .I can't do 2.5 hours of straight action scenes. 5. I thought the actors were all fine. I like Affleck as Batman, Amy Adams were both good. Cavill is ok though he was so mopey through the whole thing it was a little annoying but that's not his fault it was written that way. It seemed like there was a lot left on the cutting room floor that would explain things. Some scenes just didn't make much sense. There's SO much more. I really hope HDTGM consider this movie because it's a doozy.
  2. Grease 2 Showgirls Forces of Nature (Sandra Bullock/Ben Affleck) 50 Shades of Grey I can't think of a 5th off hand.
  3. RachelWhitePennell

    The Toy (1982)

    This movie is perfect HDTGM material. It must be done! I imagine June being disturbed by a LOT in this movie! A black man being purchased by a rich white man to be a toy/entertainment/nanny for this bratty kid.