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  1. Russ Fischer for permanent co-host. That's the real reason why I'm here. He's brought great insights to the films so far and while note being a counterpoint to Amy, has been an excellent complimentary viewpoint. I voted for CTHD too, of course. It's a better film, it's aged better, and if you skip reading Ang Lee's interviews dissing some of his own story elements, it's a warmer film too. But it's worth noting the role of Gladiator in re-invigorating Scott's career, which was barely coasting on the fumes of the success of Thelma & Louise. Scott stumbled from flop to flop after that, and I'm still not sure how he got the budget to even get it made. Between 1991's release of Thelma & the 2000 release of Gladiator, there were only three Ridley Scott films. Can you imagine such a thing now, in the year after he released two films, one of which he re-shot a great portion of? I know it's easy to shrug Scott off, if nothing else due to his prodigious output appearing at times workmanlike, but he's been a major, influential voice in cinema for way too long to get the short shrift he gets from critics.