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  1. 48. Brooklyn (John Crowley, 2015) Really? Is it that good? I haven't seen it yet.
  2. I have a vague memory of Devin and Amy talking briefly about ROOM in one of their many tangents, and I think they said a few things about FRANK (2014) too. (Both directed by Lenny Abrahamson.) I can't remember for the life of me which episode it was. Can anyone help me out?
  3. I think HOLY GRAIL is funnier, but LIFE OF BRIAN is better.
  4. Towards the end of the KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE episode, talking about anime, Devin says "I'll never get past the idea that cartoons that are not for kids are a little perverted ... I think about that a lot, that there's a guy with a boner drawing that over and over going 'those are hot tits' ... I would watch a movie about the guy who drew that, rather than watch the movie the guy drew." Well here you have it: Terry Zwiggof's classic 1994 documentary CRUMB about the life and work of pornographic(?) cartoonist Robert Crumb. Easily one of the best documentaries of the decade, and some say one of the best ever. The debate about the morality of pornographic cartoons comes up in the film. One group of critics argues: "It's very irresponsible to put dangerous sexual fantasies on paper and make them available to the public ... it's important for women to immediately run in horror from these images and think that they represent oppression and the power of men to degrade women." Another says: "It is not intended as an apologia for rape or anything like that, but it is an acknowledgement that these kinds of fantasies do dwell in homo-sapiens ... He depicts it in its purest form, the dark side of human nature." In response, Crumb can only say: "Sometimes I think it's a mistake, that I should never have let it out ... but it's in there, and it's very strong, and it ruthlessly forces itself out of me onto the paper, for better or worse ... I have to do it ... Maybe I should just be locked up and my pencils taken away from me. I just don't know." It's also about madness, art as therapy, parenting, American society, and sex.
  5. Pooka


    I have beef with the "minor work" argument. This isn't a versus episode between all Miyazaki movies. We're talking about one movie: Kiki's Delivery Service. Its entry into the Canon shouldn't affect the chances of other Miyazaki movies also getting elected. It's the Canon of films; not the Canon of filmographies. I'm a solid yes - just as I would be for Spirited Away.