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  1. Oh! I thought this was true at the time, but just looked it up now. Michash Taylor wasn't the only person from the first movie to appear in the sequel. Andy, the security guard was the janitor in the first movie, So, he must have moved from ny to philly with Hollywood. I only remembered Andy from the first because at the end he started kissing all the chopped up mannequin parts at the end hoping to bring one to life the way Andrew McCarthy had reanimated Kim Catrall. I thought this was creepy because at the end of that movie James Spader started tossing mannequin's in this grinder and chopping them up, so if Andy brought one to life she would be a horrifically mauled, multiple amputee. Why bother, he could find one of those to make out with without magic?
  2. Hey, Paul, long time listener, second time writer. As always, I love the show and the three of you have given me weeks of free entertainment. I promise to donate money whenever I take and pass the bar and get a big boy job. I believe the curse placed on Jessie was that she was frozen for 1000 years, or until she met her true love from a foreign land. So, either element of the curse could be satisfied to reanimate Jessie. Because her true love must be from a foreign land, the count could not wake Jessie by taking her to a foreign land, as was posited on the show, because even if the count was her true love, he wasn't himself from a foreign land and therefore could not break the curse that way. Now, my theory is that the Count knew that the 1000 years would pass soon. He probably even knew the near exact date of that event since he was a distant relative of the original wizard and seemed very familiar with the legend. Also, clearly the count wanted to escape to Burnuda, but what wasn't mention on your podcast, was that during the telephone conversation between the count and the queen, the queen mentions the theft of the country's Crown Jewels, and that the peasant girl's tour was the count's idea. I think the implication here is that the Count stole the Crown Jewels just prior to taking Jessie on tour knowing that the 1000 year curse would be up soon and Jessie would then reanimate.I think the count planned for Jessie to reanimate with him in burmuda (which is why he suggested the tour) where, by then, he would be living off the profit from the stolen jewels and she would then be forced to marry him. What the count wasn't banking on was that the great x20 grandson of Prince William (I'm assuming Jason was his heir because he looked exactly like William and his last name was Williamson) would cross paths with Jessie and, as her true love from a foreign land, would satisfy the second part of the curse and break it prior to the passing of 1000 years, mucking up the count's plan for Jessie to awaken with him in burmuda. Also, the white stuff on the truck driver's lips was gum from a bubble she blew when she saw the dancing Germans and I'm pretty sure michash Taylor wasn't gay in designing women... My mom watched it a lot when I was a kid.
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    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    Long time listener first time writer, Paul. I'm glad we have this time together, love your work and skin. I was listening to your most recent podcast this morning and you, your co-hosts and your guest missed that bobo Dan Akroyd, I believe his character name is Gene O'neil (pretty magical name) does in fact appear at the end of the movie. If you look just before the credits roll, you'll see Gene conducting the band on the stage as the crab crossed lovers kiss, just after we see the magic crab in a top hat. Also, if you look closely at the crab when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery first begin to float, the crab raises its claw just before the couple is lifted into the air, then lowers it as Sarah Michelle Gellar floats back down. Thanks for the free podcast, I adore your show.