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    I love you Scott

    Not literally, but I've been listening since March when I first started listening to podcasts. I never heard of you before that. It took me 5 episodes to realize what was going on. It took me another 5 to realize how amazing they were. The episode when Ryan Gaul was a Dr. who killed all of his clients was the one that won me over. Scott, not only are you incredibly funny but, your kind nature makes it all the better to laugh along. The time you mentioned; when you cried at your wedding, when your wife sang the first song you sang her on your first date.It's time for me to pay you back and become an ear wolf member, which is incredibly affordable and worth it. Love, Caught Staukerman
  2. I don't mean to be Frank but could I please have that wiener Caught Stalkerman?
  3. She gets too hungry and she'll eat the plate, that's why the lady got relieved of dishwashing duties
  4. Ryan Gosling is my father. Isn't he yours?
  5. 12 angry men and a par four in a pair of seas.
  6. I don't mean to be frank but would you like my wiener?