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    I voted yes to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the Canon but was unable to post due to travel. While listening to Amy & Devin’s discussion I was surprised I had also had a similar experience seeing this movie at different times in my life and having different reactions. I grew up in a family that considered it a charming classic. My older sister had the poster on her wall in college. When I watched it a couple years out from college I realized I found the characters to be incredibly obnoxious. I think my reaction is primarily fueled by the characters being such accurate depictions of charismatic-hot-messes of people and I'm kind of in awe of that. They're certainly amalgamations of real people I have known. I agree with the points in the podcast that Audrey brings a wholesome elegance to the role which adds fantastic depth to the character. Her performance really clinches it for me. So I gave a strong Yes in support of Breakfast at Tiffany’s making it into the Canon based on the depth of messy humanity in the movie. It's a movie that I greatly enjoy hearing the range of reasons for why people appreciate/dislike this movie. I think eliciting those responses speaks to how true to life the characters were handled.