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  1. EvanCarroll

    Episode 1 - Sisters in Death

    The phrase "I'm from Missouri on that" is derived from a speech given by Representative Willard Vandiver, in which he claims "I'm from Missouri; you have got to show me." implying that Missourians at the time had a reputation for being skeptical in the face of "frothy eloquence." Missouri still claims "The Show-Me State" as its nickname.
  2. EvanCarroll

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    As mentioned by my friend Chris, whose sleepy response was cut from the recording, one could see this as a modern interpretation of the story of Renfield, a clinically insane character from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Renfield's story is told from the point of view of a psychologist at an asylum. He is utterly loyal to Dracula and, although he never becomes a vampire himself, he obsessively tabulates the number of organisms (mostly bugs) he consumes to know the life-force he believes he absorbs. At one point he also drinks blood spilled on the floor when he cuts Dr. Seward's arm.
  3. EvanCarroll

    Episode 315 - Live from Houston @ Rec Room

    Am I late to an inside joke or has Sklarbro Country been misspelled as "Sklarbro County" so many times that that is the joke?
  4. Amazing guest. It's so refreshing to listen to someone walk the "love will conquer all" walk. Sheaun should have his own podcast.
  5. EvanCarroll

    Episode 1 - Sen. Al Franken: Inside Washington

    Not off-putting, but as Brian said, there's really nothing surprising here; it didn't convince me that this is something I'll want to listen to weekly. And closing with a joke about ashtrays? What is this, the 90's? You get one more try, Ms. Couric.
  6. The previous episode is currently being displayed on the homepage alternating marquee.
  7. That's some prophetic stuff from Nuzum regarding the separation of open spaces.
  8. You can't close with "That shit [The Troubles in Ireland] would've been relevant 100 years ago." then immediately say "stop being ignorant." And the organizers of that white meetup with those footnotes are not woke! haha Altogether good ep, though; I hadn't considered the inherent risks involved with encouraging black people to walk around after hours. Thanks for bringing me some daily perspective (weekly now?) and I much prefer this new long format.
  9. EvanCarroll

    Episode 294 - A Week for Solutions

    I assume Matt Gourley is the source PFT is looking for from Mr. Morris during the conversation about the adaptation by cats to sound like human babies. Mr. Gourley speaks to his cat, Margeaux the Fat Guy, about it in a special end-segment, I Was There Mew, on episode 13 of I Was There Too.
  10. EvanCarroll

    Introducing...Katie Couric

    If that is what everyone really wants to go back to, then either a significant segment of the shows currently produced by Earwolf should be dropped or Wolfpop has to be resurrected to curate non-comedy shows like "The Wolf Den," "I Was There Too," "Question of the Day" etc.
  11. EvanCarroll

    Introducing...Katie Couric

    It is likely true that very few current Earwolf listeners want this, but I assume that Earwolf sees this as a big, shiny lure for a more aged demographic and even people who don't currently listen to podcasts. I don't expect it to be anything that will outdo Radiolab, TAL, or Snap, but I'll give it a shot before I pass judgement.