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  1. IRONicmerMAN

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    WHAT?!?! What kind of bizarroverse are we living in here? I assumed that was around the time when Yogi Bear actually came out. He's been singing the praises of his SV cast, talking about working with some of the best comedic minds working...and Yogi Bear was still the pinnacle? I haven't seen Big Hero 6, but I've heard nothing but good things. He was also in Deadpool, which would assumingly be high on one's list as well. Maybe he's trolling everyone? Just really high? Some kind of combination of the two?!?!
  2. IRONicmerMAN

    Dr. T & the Women (2000)

    Barf. I had never heard of this before, and it looks like a bag of hot garbage. Really bad. Agreed on Mothman Prophecies. I think the story is interesting, and even if the movie isn't great, it's at least interesting and Gere was pretty good in it.
  3. IRONicmerMAN

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    Wow. I'm not sure I ever heard that. Maybe his career was pretty lackluster up to that point? I was definitely getting bored of his shtick on Silicon Valley, but I didn't want him to go this route. Seems like he's running a career fairly similar to Jason Lee.
  4. IRONicmerMAN

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    Agreed. And to think, TJ Miller may continue down this path rather than staying involved with Silicon Valley. I guess his payout from this gives him freedom to explore things that might not come with the same windfall, but it seems like he's done enough to support himself (cough...Mucinex...cough).
  5. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    1. I'm all for bonkers bad movies. I just wish there was something different mixed in with them. 2. Does Paul know that someone is posting on here and acting like him? The nerve... 3. So the director wrote an angry Facebook post at 3:00am. Are we sure it isn't Trump, a lecher posing as a lecherous director? I mean, his normal approach is social media rants in the wee hours... 4. I think Mary Holland should marry Jason and join the cast. Couples show! She's great and it would be awesome having her on more.
  6. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    I watched this movie a second time in a week after listening to the episode. Sorry, June. It reminded me of other movies around the time. I was curious to see if this one ripped off stories from the others, or maybe the other way around. Chronologically, it looks like some of both? At the very least, there are some interesting parallels with the films. 1. 1984--Night of the Comet: a natural event (a comet) causes mayhem. Part of the film takes place in a mall. 2. 1986--Chopping Mall: a natural event (lightning) causes mayhem. All of the film takes place in a mall. 3. 1986--Short Circuit: a natural event (lightning) causes mayhem. Lightning hit a robot. 4. 1987--Robocop: Robots gone wild. No natural event to blame. I was really hoping that Chopping Mall came last, combining the mall element and robots gone wild. It instead falls right in the middle. It essentially just combines elements of the other three movies. Lastly, Kelli Maroney (surviving girl) is in Night of the Comet...and she's no stranger to firing weapons.
  7. Please be more careful with autocorrect in your texts. I was worried you were going to put on weight by doing "massive lines of cake."
  8. With all the problems we currently have, what did the President see that caused him to ban Transcendental Meditation?
  9. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    1. I love Mary Holland. 2. No mention of the aggressive dancing at the "party"? 3. This.
  10. In the United States, we don't just accept and embrace mental deficiencies. We promote them. You're welcome, Cash Me Outside girl!
  11. If we're in an era of saying what everyone is thinking, then let me put it out there...the world needs more Lorenzo Lamas.
  12. I always put the cart before the horse. There's no other way to guarantee not getting shit on the wheels.
  13. Queen once asked "Who Wants to Live Forever?" You showed 'em, Freddie. You showed 'em.
  14. To those who reproduce, you're all running pyramid schemes.
  15. In another Tour de France scandal, Kim Jong Un and I recently toured the country and ate enough cheese to feed a reclusive Asian country for days.
  16. For some reason, my wife doesn't appreciate me referring to her as "the white whale I finally harpooned." Thanks, Melville.
  17. Much like Sisyphus, dung beetles push around big balls of shit.
  18. Jesus take the wheel, because I've been drinking all day and just ingested bath salts.
  19. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    Coleslaw aside... I really hope Jason took note of this product placement.
  20. IRONicmerMAN

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    Also, there are some amazing lines in this movie. I'm really, really looking forward to the episode. "Let's send these fuckers a Rambo-gram." Ferdy: Nice shot! Alison Parks: Dad's a marine. (You know, because that's obviously genetic) Greg: You smell like pepperoni. Suzie Lynn: Well, if that's how you feel... Greg: Wait a minute... Suzie Lynn: What? Greg: I LIKE pepperoni.
  21. IRONicmerMAN

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    Did anyone notice this? It's right after the snake and tarantula crawl on Alison. It was visible on screen for a long time, so I wonder how intentional it was.
  22. Fun fact: Donald Trump's favorite track is Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song"!
  23. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Sorry, June. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-monkey-9th-circuit-20170712-story.html?utm_source=nextdraft "It is absurd to say a monkey can sue for copyright infringement.... He is a monkey."