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  1. 1 minute ago, taylorannephoto said:

    It was only somewhat directed towards you, because you directly responded to me the first time trying to distance yourself from the hate that had been directed towards Erin, rather than owning up to the fact that you replied to the comment that directly pointed out Erin and agreed with that person, only to seemingly cover yourself by naming two others as if that makes it okay. But then other people came in and named Erin and then Bryan and it started this trend.

    And the point that I'm still trying to make is that no matter what, like Cameron said, it's not a constructive comment. It's boring and takes away from the enjoyment a lot of us get from these forums.

    Well, based on the feedback I've seen from posting an opinion on the episode that didn't go over well, my infrequent enjoyment of this forum went to zero.  I thought it was a pretty welcoming place previously.

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  2. 49 minutes ago, taylorannephoto said:

    In all fairness Elektra was the one that mentioned noticing the sexuality of all those getting so much hate. I noticed it always ends up being the women, because I can recall even with straight (or straight presenting) female guests get told by new forum users that they suck and shouldn't be invited back (Anna Faris, Natasha Leggero, Karen Kilgarrif), but Elektra is right the truly vile things said were directed towards both Cameron Esposito and Tig Notaro and it's very interesting what those two women have in common.

    It's really just boring. And people can cover it up with saying other people involved were annoying or yelling too, but they always ALWAYS mention the woman first and then act like they're okay because then they mention the gay man or Jason as well. It's BORING feedback that you should all know Paul doesn't give a shit about to begin with.


    Because I'm the one who mentioned not enjoying all three loud voices, I feel like this comment was at least somewhat directed at me.  Did I "mention the woman first"?  Yes, I did, because I was replying to someone who specifically mentioned Erin and only Erin.  That's the only reason I mentioned her first.  She was no more annoying than the other two.  I added Bryan and Jason, because they were all bothering me from the beginning.  I love Jason almost to a fault, and I really didn't enjoy him this episode.  The only thing that could've made this episode louder would be Pete Holmes.

    I guess I'm not on here enough to see the hate for Cameron and Tig.  They are two of my favorite guests on any podcast, and that's really disappointing to me.

  3. 16 minutes ago, taylorannephoto said:

    The comments on female guests "screaming/shrieking/yelling" during live shows are getting boring. I've listened to the episode and she is matching the volume set by the men, but nope apparently it's just her fault and she's the one no one can listen to. We get it y'all.


    For what it's worth, I had a hard time with all of them, which I mentioned.  "Erin yelling, Bryan booming, Jason yelling.  Poor Paul."

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  4. 39 minutes ago, MrSnuffleupagus said:

    It gets VASTLY better.

    I was in the same boat as you though. I started this and about 5 mins in I was seriously contemplating turning it off because it was just so much yelling over each other. I usually enjoy Jason's yelling and that wasn't the problem; it just seemed like Erin was absolutely screaming into a mic for the first 10-15 mins.


    Erin screaming and Bryan seemed hellbent on over-emphasizing everything he said.  Glad it gets better later on!

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  5. 3 hours ago, sleepyweasal said:

    Quick note on Scandinavian privacy. They don’t believe in curtains or blinds.  I live in Scandinavia and The Who gives a hoot attitude to personal privacy is amazing. I have lived in plenty of apartments and spent many an evening staring At the apartment building across the street invading people privacy with my eyes.  I once spent an hour watching  the most ackward  3 person dinner party in fascination.  It Was made even more awkward when I locked eyes with the third wheel at the table . We shared a look that made us both sad. Anyway love the show 

    Even in bedrooms?  I mean, how can you sleep with all that light coming in?

  6. I have listened to this episode twice already.  This is Best Of material for sure.  If ever there were to be a full episode on video (maybe some exist), I wish that this one was it.

    On another note, several mentions of Big Dog and him being gone too soon.  Does anyone else think that Middle D was supposed to come in as Big Dog but told Scott he wanted to do something else instead?