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    Hey everyone

    I didn't care about movies at all. Every year my family does an Oscars pool and I would literally just pick alphabetically because I hadn't seen anything nominated anyway and thought it would be funny if I won that way (I never did, but came awfully close one year). The Canon changed that and now I'm watching all sorts of films I never would have even heard of before. My wife keeps wondering why I'm watching all these weird old movies. You two with your arguing and passion have started to turn me into a cinephile. Every week when your podcast would show up in my feed, I'd bump it straight to the top of my playlist. I have other podcasts I love, but none has changed me the way you and Devin have. Consider this one more voice saying that The Canon should come back. Amy and Devin should come back - because what makes the podcast great is the two of you, your insights, and your interactions. But take your time. The hiatus is a good idea, and when you and Devin are ready to make more great podcasts, we'll be here waiting. We miss your voices already, but we can wait.
  2. We need to get some Terry Gilliam in the canon, and I'd like to see some of his post-Monty Python work in a head-to-head. I feel like Brazil gets talked about more, but my personal favourite is 12 Monkeys. Thoughts?
  3. JimMcGarva

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Voting yes because there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. I watched it under the worst possible circumstances - I had a grumpy baby I was trying to rock to sleep, I had work to do, and I needed to go to sleep. Any movie that wasn't great, I would have turned off or tuned out halfway through and focused on that stuff, but this movie stayed on and kept me interested as every scene was on point. Both hosts were pretty full of it this time, though.