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    Edgar Wright

    1) Scott Pilgrim 2) Hot Fuzz 3) Shaun of the Dead 4) At World's End I'm an MCU fanboy and even still I can say that SP is the only comic book adaptation that recreates things that are unique about comic books. Here's a cool video on the scene transitions that get pulled off. When you map scenes out in a physical place, it's like practically recreating a comic page
  2. JimmyMecks

    Future of the Show?

    A lot of this podcast is shaped around the listeners and the community here. The Canon will survive and no one's career is gonna be damaged by being associated with it, it's not like Devin did all this on Canon facilities with Canon staff -- it's not a Penn State situation. EDIT: Not to compare Devin to Sandusky and Paterno, true monsters.
  3. JimmyMecks

    Edgar Wright

    I prefer Hot Fuzz to Shaun of the Dead but I can accept that I'm in the minority there
  4. JimmyMecks

    Knock Out Poll (Unofficial!)

    If Usual Suspects got the boot I'd be pretty happy tbh
  5. JimmyMecks

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    I think this this should be in the canon way before Re-Animator or They Live I feel like that's a no contest, flawless victory for Halloween, no?
  6. JimmyMecks

    The Truman Show

    And I feel like that's part of what makes me dislike the casting. If the appeal of the in universe Truman Show is that it's a show about an everyday normal man, they got one of the most abnormal actors to play him. For example, the scene where he makes a spaceman helmet in the mirror with the soap should have played out like an ordinary person having silly, goofy fun in private like we all do (my private, weirdo thing is replacing song lyrics with my dogs name) but instead it feels like Jim Carrey doing his shtick.
  7. JimmyMecks

    Y Tu Mama Tambien

    I'll co-sign this
  8. Original vs. remake. I wonder where the majority of people (especially a Gen-X/Millienial skewing community like this one) would fall. For added bonus, it can be a triple versus: Cape Fear vs. Cape Fear vs. Cape Feare!
  9. JimmyMecks

    The Truman Show

    I may get dragged over the coals for this but... I think Jim Carrey might have been miscast
  10. JimmyMecks


    I think it's interesting how in the Boyz N The Hood episode, Devin took John Singleton to task for his unmotivated camera. Meanwhile Amy pointed out how Wrath of Khan is basically a tv movie with it's staging and it's written off as part of the 'charm'. I fear that nostalgia is causing some to lower the bar as to what is a great movie.
  11. JimmyMecks


    Even ignoring the super condescending last sentence, is TV being mined for movies a trend that's Canon-worthy? If you're specifically talking about continuing a series into a feature length movie, how many examples do we have? Firefly? Simpsons? As for movies that remade old tv shows, how many of those are good? For every 21 Jump Street (which lampooned the original concept) there are a dozen Brady Bunches, Dark Shadows, Starsky and Hutches etc
  12. JimmyMecks


    Mulled it over since watching it for the first time since last week and ironically enough, something Devin said is what finally pushed me to the 'no' side. I ldon't think the movie is great enough to be canon-ized on it's own yet the legacy of Star Trek is undeniable, but what are we voting on? "Star Trek works best as a tv series" is what answered it for me, if this is a Canon for the greatest movies of all time, are the Star Trek movies, by themselves, strong enough to deserve a spot?
  13. JimmyMecks

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Expanding on my earlier post mentioning how easy it is for horror to get into the Canon: 12 horror movies have been discussed on the show so far and 9 have got in. The three that didn't (Aliens, Let Me In, The Fly) only missed out because they were in Vs. episodes against other horror movies -- funnily enough the action oriented Aliens lost to the more horror leaning Alien.
  14. JimmyMecks

    Homework: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

    :raises hand: I've only seen Neu Trek: really liked the first one, really disliked the second one, enjoyed the third one until the final act Watched Wrath of Khan last night and thought it was really good, although I wish I had known to watch "Space Seed" before watching this one. I'm very on the fence on which way I'm voting... it feels like representing the legacy of Star Trek is really important but I'm unsure for now if it breaks through the barrier as a single, standalone film deserving of a place in The Canon.
  15. JimmyMecks

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    My top (or bottom, I suppose) four: 1) The Usual Suspects 2) Re-Animator 3) They Live 4) Stand By Me I like both They Live and Re-Animator but I feel like neither are at the level of canon-worthy and that the bar for horror films to get in right now is really, really low, unfortunately, especially compared to other genres where good movies on the same level have been soundly rejected. Stand By Me just got in so I assume it's pretty safe. The Usual Suspects is the only one out of the four, and one of the only few movies ever discussed, that I will argue is a straight up bad movie. I wasn't around here when it got voted in so I don't know how the split was but I hope in my lifetime I can see this movie get left in the dust when people remember 90s filmmaking.
  16. JimmyMecks

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    Easy yes Wanted to add that as the episode was winding down, my ears immediately perked up when Devin mentioned "After Hours." Never expected that movie to get it's own episode but now I am immediately energized to campaign for it to get an episode of it's own. Don't expect it to get voted in but would be a worthwhile discussion.
  17. JimmyMecks


    Wall-E never regains the heights of it's opening, silent 30 minutes and it's environmental themes are barely fleshed out, instead opting to instead just call people fat and lazy. Definitely the most overrated Pixar film and one of the more disappointing ones when you take into account how great those opening scenes are.
  18. JimmyMecks


    Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up and The Incredibles should all be locks. If only one could get in for some odd reason, then it'd have to be the one that started it all, right?
  19. JimmyMecks


    The people aren't reciting written dialogue and are speaking live in the moment, which is my point.
  20. JimmyMecks


    Restraining from voting this episode but I do agree with Devin that some of improv that's meant to be authentic is just way too planned. We have amateur documentarians in real life and we know that even the worst of them know how to point a camera. And I don't buy the "realistic" dialogue where one character repeats someone's name over and over again. Look at reality show competitions like the Amazing Race, people are more eloquent than you think even in pressure situations.
  21. JimmyMecks

    Homework: The King of Comedy (1982)

    I've been wanting to rewatch this for a month so I'm pretty happy about finally having motive to rent it
  22. JimmyMecks

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    I voted no and am disappointed it's gonna make it into The Canon but I gotta disagree with the idea that there are no inspired uses of the camera. As Devin and Amy stated in the episode, the train sequence is really crafted. I'd also add the initial train scene where Corey Feldman plays chicken before River to pulls him off cuts to them on the side and the train passing by very closely. There are also some pretty beautiful landscape shots, particularly when they leave the train tracks and head into the woods, the frame is divided nicely between the sunniness of the field at the bottom and the dark, forest green at the top that they're running towards.
  23. JimmyMecks

    Homework: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

    New theory: what if the Blair Witch is just an urban legend to keep kids away from someone's dang pot farm
  24. JimmyMecks

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    Btw, I was wondering if anyone is here is familiar with PNW history and can answer why the accents seemed to lean pretty hard in the New York/Boston realm? John Cusack was also a Yankee fan, apparently, which seemed odd to me but I guess front runners gonna front run?
  25. JimmyMecks

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    This is a movie that's full of nice moments that doesn't feel like a really well made movie overall. There are some structure issues I have, especially reliance on flashbacks to fill in blanks without informing any of the present action. I agree with the point that grown up Gordie is a poor writer based on his narration and that's piling onto the fact that the narration is pretty pointless to begin with and I double agree with Gordie feeling too much of a "special" character that the other characters hold up, making me think that the foundations are being set for characters like Bella Swan. For me, Gordie just seems so passive and inconsequential. I concede that he is a writer and a writer's role is to observe but because of that his final decision to point the gun at Ace feels really unearned. This was an easy no for me.