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    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    I agree with this completely. This was my first time seeing the movie. I'm sort of catching up on things after 20-some years in the Evangelical Christian bubble, and I'm really glad I watched it. It's fun and I really really liked it. But I'm with Amy. Just because something fun, doesn't mean it needs to be in the canon. One thing this movie did though, was present the Frankenstein story in the most immediate way I've ever seen. The escalation from cats to human corpses to the recently deceased father of the "hero's" girlfriend was absolutely perfect. But while it's great to see a story done better than I'm used to, those themes of conquering death don't really pay off. West and Cain both hate death. Their creations are...abominations? Not quite. Soulless? One of them, but he never seemed to be fully human. Basically, I'm with Amy. The movie hits a lot of the right notes, but there just isn't enough payoff for me to call it one of the greats. But I'll totally revisit this with the one person I know who likes it!