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  1. Hello. I recently acquired the domain hollywoodhandbook.host for an undisclosed sum of money from an undisclosed seller. I do not like my job and would like to quit and travel the world for eight months. To do this, I am hoping to pit Sean and Hayes against each other in a high stakes bidding war for this coveted domain. There are two Hollywood Handbook hosts, but only one domain. Supply and demand. You do the math, college boys. The only problem is that I don't know how to start bidding wars. Does anyone have any experience starting bidding wars that might be able to help me? Should I list the domain on eBay? Maybe craigslist? I am hoping to remain anonymous so as to avoid any violent reprisals from either Sean and Hayes. Given their stature within the entertainment industry I'm aware of the physical, emotional, and reputational trauma they are capable of inflicting on an enemy. Help. Please. Thank you.
  2. A quick update - a colleague has reached out to Sean's representation to secure his bid for this digital asset. As a thank-you to the forum I am hereby pledging to use 10% of the sale proceeds to start a scholarship fund for the HH online community.