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    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    This episode was interesting because I really questioned what the point of the Canon is. Both films are fantastic but do both belong in the canon. Should we vote a film in because its entertaining and fun or should we vote a film in because its the best representation of a filmmakers work. Boogie Nights is incredibly fun and brilliantly crafted but I have always felt that it was PTA's attempt at a Scorsese film, the tracking shots, the character who strives for greatness and then loses it all (Henry Hill, Jordan Belfort) and of course the Raging Bull inspired ending. Boogie Nights has always felt like a film that PTA had to do, its fun, entertaining and accessible and by making the film, PTA earned the trust that he required in order to make stranger and quirkier films like Magnolia and The Master. By having Goodfellas already in the Canon, I find it unnecessary to also include Boogie NIght's. There will be blood however, is PTA's masterpiece. Although some sequences are reminiscent of a Kubrick film, There will be blood is entirely PTA's film. Yes, it does tell a very similar story to Boogie Nights and many Scorsese film's (the nobody who becomes a somebody) but its done with such incredible PTA style, style that is very hard to find anywhere else these days. There will be blood is a rare film, a brilliantly crafted, fantastically acted and incredibly well written epic, filled with emotion and meaning, a type of film that is hard to find these days and thats why it gets my vote for the Canon.