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    POLL: Is Devin a Racist?

    Not a racist. Where there's actual evidence of racism, it's probably racism. If there's no actual evidence of racism then it's probably not racism. This is a very applicable rule to be applied to all debates of racism. Has the person said they don't like a race, or been proven to DO things that inhibited people of a specific race because of their race? That is when you can say "yeah that guy is probably a racist."
  2. RyanEdwardBaellCasto

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    Oh jeez the first 10 minutes are just half baked political analysis from a couple of Hillary Clinton supporters. Ugh. But anyway... Definitely a yes for me. It's brilliant and in your face and has dated really well.
  3. RyanEdwardBaellCasto

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite film that made the canon: Pather Panchali (with a close close 2nd and 3rd being Alien, Annie Hall) Least Favorite that made the canon: Grand Budapest Hotel, Cannibal Holocaust are a tie. The one I most wished had made it: easily Close Encounters of the Third Kind My nomination for consideration in the canon, although maybe no hope this will be seen by the good people who run this exceptional podcast, yet into the void it goes: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. A classic rom com. A chance for long looooong feminist monologues. But I can live with that because there's some other good and interesting stuff to talk about. It's kinda fringe, it may or may not get voted in. And Reiner was amazing back in the day. "Now, Let's do dis!" "THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT!" "Fight." *whisper* "fight"
  4. RyanEdwardBaellCasto

    Your Indulgence Picks

    Some great answers here. Probably the episode that would get me most excited would be When Harry Met Sally. I adore every aspect of it. Blows me away, truly. It's a classic so maybe not an "indulgence pick". But if we want more comedies in here WHMS is a goodie. Also would love more attention thrown to great foreign cinema. Someone mentioned Persona - absolutely! Also maybe a Kurosawa entry or Raise the Red alantern or In The Mood For Love, or something. Granted, those episodes may not create as many listens/downloads.