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  1. JordantheG1ng3r

    Episode 107 - Black Orpheus vs. City of God (w/ Justin Chang)

    I absolutely agree with Amy and Justin on this. I loved City of God when I first saw it but Black Orpheus sticks with me. As Amy and Justin said, it is simply a part of my soul. Black Orpheus all the way!
  2. JordantheG1ng3r

    Future of the Show?

    I'm quite angry at the response this has gotten. I do realize this is the internet and everything, but so many people believe this tweet without any sort of evidence towards it being the truth. Give the guy a benefit of the doubt, please. It's also hard to read text posts on the internet and interpret if they have any sort of sarcasm or not. When I read Devin's post, I thought it was a sarcastic "wow, a person on the internet accused me of sexual assault, I should totally believe you and apologize." That's only my read. However, tons of people are reading it that Devin assaults people so much that he can't even remember this specific assault. I'm extremely frustrated by this, because we have not a single grain of evidence defending either side and it pisses me off that people are already taking sides on this. The only reason I'm defending Devin is because I haven't seen anyone else doing that, and after listening to the show for a while I like Devin a lot. He seems like a nice dude. So once we hear more information about this, THEN we're free to judge. Until that time, please do not hate either side. I just hope the information comes out soon because I know that if Devin is innocent, his life is going to be absolute shit right now.
  3. Two Coen masterpieces. One key difference; A Serious Man is about someone who can't accept life crapping on him, Inside Llewyn Davis is about a guy who keeps moving on despite life crapping on him.
  4. JordantheG1ng3r

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    They're two great movies, but I feel that Boogie Nights loses a bit of its steam in the second half. However, There Will Be Blood is an absolute masterpiece. It's perfection, and the film feels like its an hour and a half long, rather than its actual length.