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    Future of the Show?

    I'd like to see it continue with Devin after an appropriate absence. It's one of my favourite podcasts... it seems like he's taking this very seriously, as he should. You can't escape your past forever, but the victim in this case has spoken with Devin's (former?) employer at Drafthouse and seems to believe Devin is responding appropriately and the hope is there's some good that can come of this. Ultimately of course it's up to Amy and Earwolf and their comfort level with Devin. My read on it is that Amy and Devin are legitimately friends, although I'm sure a revelation like this is going to affect all his relationships in some way. I hope to see it return in the same format.
  2. Cam'ronGiles

    Film Noir

    The Killers, Thieves Highway, Shadow of a Doubt.... I saw all 3 at the film noir festival, would love to hear your takes on any or all of them
  3. Cam'ronGiles

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    This was a true Sophie's Choice, but I'm going Boogie Nights. It's just a more impressive movie to me, in that it is truly hilarious while being incredibly moving. For sending John C. Reilly on a different career trajectory alone it would be Canon worthy. TWBB was a masterpiece and important and has two incredible acting performances (and Paul F. Tompkins!) but Boogie Nights has one of the greatest ensemble casts I have ever seen, all on top of their game. That Alfred Molina scene, the scene where they're recording You Got the Touch, the Donut scene... I just have to go with my gut, and my gut says Boogie Nights.