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    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    There Will Be Blood. This film goes deeper than one of Plainview's oil wells (or is it a derrick...whatever). While the film is clearly dark, I don't agree with Devin's assertion that it's cynical. We just don't see the happy ending (which is HW and his wife's life down in Mexico). Wouldn't go so far as to say the film is anti-capitalism or anti-spiritual either. It is not so much capitalism, nor spirituality, that corrupts, but the monomaniacal pursuit of power, whether it be through the avenue of business (Daniel) or religion (Eli). By the film's end, HW is both a business man, and religious; he is corrupted by neither. That's how I read it, at least, while watching it today. This film, as all great films, can be read in different ways, and offers up new insights and delights upon every viewing: this is why it gets my vote.