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  1. petesgotaces

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    ^Yeh the thing is though, this literally happened about 3-4 days ago. I was checking itunes regularly to see if the new ep. was up, only to find the vast majority of eps. have been pulled. It was just a week ago when i listened to Slacker, which cannot be accessed now. I just don't think it's worth it paying money for a podcast when the majority out there are free. That's just my opinion. The above poster is right! How about some fkn notice? Pretty sure i won't be continuing with this show now. So sad.
  2. petesgotaces

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    Well this is terrible news! They also seem to have deleted most of The Canon content. There are only 13 eps available now on Itunes and i can't even download Pather Panchali here; it can't be found. So FML! Devin not coming back pretty much kills the show imo coz the banter between him and Amy was great and you will never get that back. Sooo fkn dissappointed about this!
  3. petesgotaces

    Your Indulgence Picks

    Terminator 1 vs 2 would be a cool versus. A Clockwork Orange Donnie Darko The Great Escape Full Metal Jacket The Good, The Bad and The Ugly All should be considered canon worthy.
  4. petesgotaces

    Vietnam Movie Showdown

    ^Four academy awards, including best picture. I would def say Platoon is canon-worthy. Jeez a Vs would be a tough one. Platoon is a masterpiece. But Full Metal Jacket is one crazy ride and has that unforgettable scene in the bathroom. Don't make me choose. lol
  5. petesgotaces

    Tropic Thunder

    I thought Tropic Thunder was pretty bad. Wasn't funny at all.
  6. petesgotaces

    Suggestion: The Great Escape

    Finally signed up so i can vote on The Canon. I haven't seen anyone suggest The Great Escape to be up for nomination. It's an amazing movie and my favourite of all time. What do people here think?