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  1. I agree with some of the films mentioned above, especially:

    - The American: beautiful, and I love the glacial pace.


    - A Single Man: Colin Firth's best performance bar none. The visuals alone would make this a must see: every frame is a perfect shot.


    Here are a few more which I think have fallen behind the cupboard of pop culture attention:

    - Kung Fu Hustle: Stephen Chow is a comedy genius, and this is him at his best. The impossibly stylish comic book visuals underpin a script whose beats would not be out of place in the Classic Hollywood era. I could watch this all day.


    Brother: Beat Takeshi's flawed and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to break into America is a parable of heartbreak and of the nihilism of violence. Not a casual watch, but a very affecting film.


    Thief: Michael Mann's first feature was probably his best until Collateral came along. If you can, watch the remastered Blu-Ray, from the 4K print - look amazing.


    Contagion: Soderbergh's underrated masterpiece is touching, unflinching and clinically (sorry!) precise.


    Legion. Paul Bethany turns up in a remote roadside dinner to announce the end of the world; proceed to Cancel the Apocalypse by shooting the archangel Gabriel. No popcorn left unconsumed.

  2. Favourite in the canon: Battle Royale; Alien

    Two choices because these are both (almost) perfect films.


    Least favourite in the canon: Beauty and the Beast

    Simply does not work for me: creepy premise, generally dislikeable characters, forgettable songs. And I would argue much the same about The Lion King too, except for the songs.


    Favourite not in: The Hurt Locker

    One of the best films in the last 20 years. I still cannot understand why it isn't in the canon (maybe love makes you incapable of understanding other's points of view?).


    Happy it didn't make it: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Racism and misogyny played for laughs, followed by excessive violence and gore - all in a family-friendly, PG-format! The whiff of colonialism is all over it like a bad suit.