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    Cherry Falls (2000)

    This goldmine doesn’t deserve to be buried in a dead thread. The Scream Factory release in 2016 answered many questions about why the tone is off for much of the film. Most of the satire and comedy was edited out after Columbine so it could just be dumped on TV. I mean the satire is apparent as the town is Cherry Falls and it’s about virgins being murdered... So crazy in all the right ways.
  2. Prezzydent

    Babylon A.D. (2008)

    I have seen this and was going to recommend it based solely on the guys obsession with Vin Diesel but thought I would search first and saw your post. Without going into detail I remember it being a train wreck bad Children of Men but I am actually going to rewatch it just because I can't remember.
  3. You just made me think of Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6'5 in the books... hahaha.
  4. You can find people on twitter who think the earth is flat. Can't put too thought into it.
  5. I think the difference is that Ben Affleck and Brie Larson have impressive resumes that range from drama to comedy to fall back on. Gal who seems to have been a good choice so far had an imdb profile almost entirely composed of Fast and the Furious movies. Slightly different but the only things I ever heard about Constantine were how Keanu Reeves looks or sounds nothing like the character.
  6. I would say that is an oversimplification. The best machines made over twenty years ago are still more popular than newer and modern machines. Video games were cheap and pushed out the door (anyone remember LJN) while most pinball machines, especially Bally Williams, were quality products with lots of R&D. You only need to play Addams Family and Demolition Man for about 10 seconds to know they are nothing alike. Reused playfield layouts and boring rules created forgettable games like Jurassic Park: Lost World and Lost in Space.
  7. Maverick is just mediocre if I remember correctly. Also, it's not that they thought it was a huge draw but more that there were four major pinball companies operating in the 1990s and after a decade of slow sales the late 80s saw a pinball renaissance. Then Addams Family hit as the most successful machine of all time, followed by Twilight Zone as the second. This cemented that IP mattered and to a degree meant you had free advertising to coincide with the movie as well as not having to design a theme. Add to the fact the games were developed and made concurrently with the film IP and usually released within 6 months of the theatrical debut for maximum impact and you have a game made by people who have never seen the movie let alone know how successful it will be.
  8. PAPA is great. Actually really useful if you like pinball. The promo videos are better though. They did them for most Bally Williams.
  9. First time poster here, I'm just not much of a forum guy but love bad movies and pinball machines. A peripheral aspect of this movie is that the pinball machine is considered one of the best and most rewarding ever made and has some very cool/unique features. One of the only things that hurts the desirability of the machine is the property, which people see as a bad movie. Unsurprisingly this is exactly the same with the Congo pinball machine.