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    oh no oh no it's downloadable this time ahhh. hi scott r u there pls be gentle
  2. DevinAnderson


    A resubmission, accommodating Scott's more recent admiration of shorter themes... scott call me back, we ran out of tissues
  3. DevinAnderson

    "Cuteness" Theme

    Used last week. PFT weighed in: "I did not like that even as a joke"
  4. DevinAnderson

    "Cuteness" Theme

    this 1 is for u scott.. scott are you there? call me https://soundcloud.c...omedy-bang-bang
  5. DevinAnderson

    Plug Theme "Dryness"

    Not a fan of this
  6. DevinAnderson

    Plug Theme "Dryness"

    It began with Moistness and continues with Dryness. https://soundcloud.c...b-dryness-theme hi scot r u ther/?
  7. DevinAnderson

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    I is plugs theme hear me roar
  8. DevinAnderson

    Plug Theme "Moistness"

    Thanks! Used on Ep 436. More to come.
  9. We're sponsored today by an organization that wishes to remain anonymous, welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  10. Hi scott r u there https://soundcloud.c...omedy-bang-bang