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    Now that you mention it, I am completely fine with Kirkman's picture but this one seems to fill me with some kind of testosterone-flavored rage. Should I consult my doctor, or could you possibly edit this comment with a more appropriate (read: arousing) photograph?


    Hmm, how does testosterone taste? I bet it tastes great. Much better than measly estrogen.

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  2. I've always been a fan of the classics. I listen to classic rock and classical music, and drink Coca Cola Classic while watching classic television on the classic channel TV Land. There's a reason they call it TV Land, and that's because all of the classics are the real TV and that's why they live in TV Land.


    So when Sean and Hayes took a trip back in time to relive the classics like "too scary" and "the nerds are taking over and the jocks are pumping our gas" I was happy as a clam. A classic clam.


    Also, I forgot to mention, I only eat Vlasic pickles because they rhyme with classic.

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  3. I haven't listened yet, but I want both Hayes and Sean to know that I actually prefer Dave Chappelle over Dave Ferguson.


    I saw this clip of Dave Chappelle on the Reddit page for internet videos yesterday. It had him talking on a stage to people who were just sitting in chairs listening, like a TED Talk, but for fun. It was great, it was about how everything is the ladies' fault because they like feelings so much. Most of the ladies seemed uncomfortable, but all the guys, who were strong and cool, stood up from their chairs and clapped and I did too even though I was alone. But I liked it because it validated all of my opinions about women.

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