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    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I shared an anecdotal story about Dreamcatcher in the Bad Movie Recommendations section. [Quick Recap from my Memory Vault] College roommate and I caught the matinee of this work of art. It was so absurd we convinced as many friends as we could to come see it with us again that same night. It was a thrilling prank and people were quite upset... although I now question whether my roommate and I were the true losers - we paid to see shit-aliens with ass-hooks twice in the same day. Anyway, I wanted to thank you, Paul, for finally watching Dreamcatcher. Next week I'll be catching up with my old roommate for the first time in nearly 8 years at a wedding. I look forward to sharing HDTGM episode 146 with him... it'll be a real Fuckeroo!
  2. nocode1437

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Junior year of college my roommate and I caught a matinee of Dreamcatcher... it was unbelievably/amazingly awful. We told all of our friends that it was the greatest movie ever... so great that we were going to go back for the late showing that same night. It was a glorious prank. We willingly paid and sat through a second screening of retarded shit-aliens with ass-hooks just to watch 15 of our friends suffer this abomination. Keeping a straight face will heralding Morgan Freeman's performance... repressing my morality as they purchased their tickets in good faith... smiling with evil joy as we took our seats - reassuring them their minds were about to be blown! As the movie plot progressed - their enthusiasm (they were quite hyped up from our insidious lies) slowly faded into confusion, then disappointment, and finally anger... and we still had an hour more of this trash film left. I still feel shame and guilt from when one of my poorer college friends on a very tight budget expressed how sad he was that he was tricked into spending money on that crap. This work or art is in a class all to its own. It isn't just awesomely bad, it is un-rewatchable. [i've finally joined the forums after months of lurking just to bump this - PAUL, review this film... I need closure.]