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    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I totally agree with whoever mentioned that there must not be many sleepwalkers due to them all being perennial nominees for Darwin awards... Like for instance, the "deadly" cats that gathered outside the house the whole time. Obviously the mother sleepwalker has no issue using guns (and had great aim to take out those cars in one shot), and those cats weren't really moving a whole lot... So their solution to the problem is to hope that these cats wander into getting snagged by the couple randomly placed bear traps in the yard to deal with this existential threat? What the fuck? Couldn't they just sit inside the house with a reasonably strong air rifle (so as not to bother the neighbors), open some windows, and then shoot the cats as they sat around in the grass like dumbass targets? Then after a night of plinking away at cats, they could have safely gone upstairs and boned in happiness like two nasty, shiny naked mole rats... Also why string up the cats and hang corpses from the house? I've never heard that cats are afraid of dead cats, and I wouldn't be surprised if the furry lizards tend to cannibalize their own. So their dead kitty display might have actually been bringing more cats to the yard? Wouldn't a shovel and a shallow grave work better?
  2. I can't believe that you guys didn't mention this: In today's world, flying in nearly supersonic jets that travel at 35,000 ft, it takes (conservatively) around 25-30 hours and 1-2 stops to get from JFK airport to Kuala Lumpur International (to say nothing of how long it would take to get from Malaysia to the goddamn Devil's Vortex).... That tiny single propeller driven 1930's seaplane plane wasn't going to make it from NYC to Devil's Vortex International airport all in one go traveling at 1/5 the speed of a modern passenger jet. That means Billy Zane, the magnificent grape, was holding onto the pontoon of that damn plane for literally DAYS, maybe even a fucking WEEK, of non-stop flying and god knows how many refueling stops. So does that mean that every time the plane landed to refuel he had to jump off and then swim back when it was ready to go again? All without anyone on the plane or the ground noticing a man in a goddamn bright purple outfit clinging to the plane?!?! They just cut from the plane leaving New York Harbor to it landing at the Devil's Vortex and didn't even bother to make an attempt to explain how Billy Zane was still on the pontoon. Lazy writing...