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  1. mediocregatsby

    Episode 3 - Cartoons

    Cartoons not mentioned in the pod with theme songs burned into my memory: Ducktales woowoo... Snorks - Sing along with the Snorks... Gummybears bouncing here and there and everywhere Muppet babies we make our dreams come true
  2. mediocregatsby

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    Hey party people. Completely off-topic, but went to a friend's thing tonight and ran into Zouks. He was surprisingly normal sized and not Gods of Egypt supersized. It's a shame when your heroes are human beings and not shitty movie versions of Egyptian gods.
  3. Created an account to point out that a guy from New Orleans going by thechicagoloop is representing LA in Divorceathon 2016.