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  1. DavidAustin

    Episode 115 - The Stepford Wives (w/ Carina Chocano)

    Great concept, but I thought the execution was lacking. I wanted it to be more engaging.
  2. This should really be between Fellowship and Two Towers - Return really only has the Gollum arc in its favor as argument for why it is the best of the three. As between Fellowship and Two Towers, I think I have to give a slight edge to Fellowship. As amazing as the Helm's Deep sequence is, the overall movie suffers from having its cast split up, losing the chemistry of the first film.
  3. DavidAustin

    Homework: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. The Return of the King

    This should really be between Two Towers and Fellowship, Return is the weakest of the three (though still good).
  4. DavidAustin

    Episode 101 - Shakespeare in Love (w/ David Ehrlich)

    Soft no. It's a decent movie, enjoyable and entertaining, but not canon-worthy.
  5. DavidAustin

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    And now Jonathan Demme has apparently just died, geez.
  6. DavidAustin

    Homework: Juno (2007) vs Whiplash (2014)

    Man, there really needs to be an option in the Versus polls for "Neither." I think these are both entertaining and enjoyable movies that are nowhere near good enough to make it into any canon, and barring being convinced otherwise during the show, that means I will have to abstain from voting for a second week in a row (wasn't able to find Sign O the Times).
  7. DavidAustin

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    Ugh, that was some painful man-splaining. I wish I had access to Sign O the Times so I could vote (plus it sounds great, would love to see it).
  8. DavidAustin


    Soft no. Very fun movie, and certainly the best in the franchise. I saw this when I was very young, and the ear worm haunted my dreams for years. But canon, nope. Not that influential except on its own series. Most of the arguments put forward to why Star Trek more generally should be in, not this film. Unlike Goldfinger, which was not only the apex of its own series, but influenced an entire genre immeasurably.
  9. DavidAustin

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    Very very soft no. Very good movie, lots of fun, good performances, but I don't think it comes anywhere near a classic. After Hours, on the other hand, I would vote in to the Canon in a second.
  10. DavidAustin

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    For the record, I did have a much easier time say yes for Reanimator.
  11. DavidAustin

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    Soft yes. I do think Steve Martin's character is utterly irredeemable, but that works for me. Some of the set pieces are fantastic (particularly walked) and I think the film is impressively ambitious. It may not achieve all of its ambitions, but it comes close enough.