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    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    I'm a huge fan of Mel Brooks, having watched his movies with my mom as a kid. While I love this movie and think it's hilarious, I wonder if this is the Mel Brooks movie to go in the Canon. I realize we don't have to limit it to one Brooks film, but my thought is that though Blazing Saddles is so great, is it his best movie? For me, Young Frankenstein is the ultimate Brooks film, delivering on so many levels and really holding up, ever more then this movie, for me. Just in my opinion, if I'm thinking of movies that people MUST see or they are really missing out on a masterpiece, Young Frankenstein is the movie I would pick. Blazing Saddles, ehhh, if someone tells me they haven't seen it, I'm not that offended. Blazing Saddles humor is maybe just a little do broad for it to be enduring/timeless for me. So that being said, I'm going to have to go with a no for Blazing Saddles.