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  1. Big Cat Music Squad

    Episode 324 - Jon Gabrus, Our Power Hour Friend

    I love you Jon :) Gabrus :) I hope someday We Can Have A Salad Together :^)
  2. Big Cat Music Squad

    Close Your Eyes, Open Up That Bag (Bag)

    B u m p
  3. Big Cat Music Squad

    Something Like Plugs

  4. Big Cat Music Squad

    Something Like Plugs

    If someone asked you, "Out of everything you've ever heard, what's the coolest stuff?" (what's the coolest stuff?) If you were some kind of cool guy, you might say something like "Plugs."
  5. Big Cat Music Squad

    Something Like Plugs

    The hits just don't stop coming.
  6. Welcome to the show where we talk to sick n' festering sheeple
  7. i'm not gonna lie. this is our best work yet. (let'z go) let me tell you bout Scott Aukerman he's the show host, he's my very best friend often times, we do best friend stuff but that's not relevant, cuz it's time for the plugs plugz, a-oh pull your wallets out, give 'em all your stuff plugz, a-oh give a little more, but you'll never get enough of the plugz. plugz. pluuuugz.
  8. Big Cat Music Squad

    Hear M'Do M'Plugs

    i'm bumping this because I want you all to be BUMPIN' this.
  9. Big Cat Music Squad

    Plugging This

    this is that real freaking gnar bro sickly done
  10. Big Cat Music Squad


    your link is busted. if you're sharing a private track from soundcloud ya gotta get the private share link from the share button.
  11. Big Cat Music Squad

    I Love Plugs (No Humbugs)

    Just to make clear this relevant reference:
  12. Big Cat Music Squad

    Hear M'Do M'Plugs

    Lyrics: I'm movin' out to sunny Los Angeles even if my parents do not approve of this cuz one day they'll be sayin' 'hot dang!' when they hear m'do m'plugs on comedy bang bang! awwww yeah
  13. Big Cat Music Squad

    I Love Plugs (No Humbugs)

    Lyrics: i dont mean to be rude or sound like a humbug but i waited the whole episode to hear some plugs i don't use curse words or take illicit drugs my only true vice in life is the plugs that's a good song that is a good song that song's okay that's a great song i didn't like that song was that even a song? that's a goood song not very good song the only good songs are hymns.
  14. Big Cat Music Squad

    Do it All With Your Plugs

    A stirring, emotional tribute to this sacred concept of plugs. Lyrics: oh, my holy, shitting fuck. it's time to hear some plugs. tell me about what you've got to sell, bring me some brand new products before i shit myself. fill my heart back up with love, and do it all with your plugs.