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  1. When she first 'grokked' what Hamilton was? Did she really use grok? I love her now.
  2. agh lawrd my spelling. So ashamed...
  3. Another excellent ep! Travon, I want you to sing at least a little of "Your Welcome" on the podcast. You've got the pipes for it.
  4. Great Show! I think have a solution to the Farmer Refuted dilemma. It's a pretty good song. Lin's lyric response overlapping, rhyming, finishing and beginning thoughts that dovetail with Samuel Seabury's are awesome. I think the guest for that episode should be Thayne Jasperson who originated the role. It would be awesome to have an ensemble original cast member talk about the on and offstage shenanigans that you KNOW happened during their run. I'd love to ask if everyone was set every night or did they play around a bit. For instance (and this gets back to Episode 21 - The Second King Song) did the same person pretend whisper in the king's ear or was it random? Did Thayne ever come in some night and say, "You guys, I got the flu and no voice. Does someone wanna get this tonight?" And all assorted silliness that happens during a show run. Could be fun. Thanks for a wonderful podcast about the greatest musical ever!
  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I got my call in comment on the show! Super Thrilled! ... except that I called Angelica Peggy ..... my bad. I was so excited.