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    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Hey new to the forums but I wanted to bring up some things you did not talk about. The first is that Hathor (Elektra from Daredevil) gives up her bracelet that way Bekh's wife could make it into the afterlife. It was a heroic sacrifice that was completely in vain because the wife rejects the bracelet so that she could wait for Bekh to die as well. No one mentions this at all despite it being such a dramatic moment when she gives the bracelet up. My next point which is probably because you purged The Shadow from your memory but both Hathor and Shiwan Khan have the same power to control people's minds. They both use it to command people to kill themselves when there would be easier options to command. For Shiwan Khan having the cab driver kill himself instead of just forgetting that he drove him and for Hathor to command the snake to kill its rider without killing itself that way they would have a giant snake under their control. I can't remember my last point so I'll end with congratulating Paul and June on their new baby.